The wine world is here

Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

Website | Event Space Design

One of my favourite projects of all time started off with a humble rework of the “Playhouse” website. Working within the parameters of an existing and rigid website backend, I created a modular look that would accommodate changing hero banners and event CTAs. This would give the impression of something that was more contemporary.

The grey monotone masthead(s) were used as the grounding element in the design. There were three every changing versions: An unopened bottle of wine; a bottle opener; an opened bottle of wine, and finally a glass of wine being poured. Upon arrival at the festival itself, patrons would see the same imagery as they checked in and made their way down the exhibition hall.

The way finding signage followed the same bold Red+Grey theme. I took inspiration from the olympics to make it more obvious at which booth you were at. That particular signage system had the Winery as the primary draw, the country of origins flag and the agency details and logo. The winery info had to be visible from at least 10ft away. 


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