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BC Egg

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BC Egg is a non-profit organization that oversees and manages the province’s egg farming industry. It’s been protecting the BC Egg Industry for over four decades.

With a renewed focus on increasing transparency for the entire production cycle (from Farm to Fork), an ambitious plan was put into motion in 2014 to educate the marketplace of all the activities that go into producing BC eggs.

A look at site traffic revealed the most visited pages were in the recipes section. The existing site didn’t have elegant ways to guide the users to and from any given recipes. We made the recipes one of the core elements of the redesign.

Revamping the information architecture along with the creation of visual queues allows the consumer to easily move through the site. Designated community engagement and an overhauled recipe sections ensures that visitors had reason to return.

With a doubling of page views, reduced bounce rate and a greater number of users, BC egg is well on track to reaching its strategic goal of being “the best Supply Management organization in Canada”

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