Principles. Purpose. Process.

Live. Love. And Learn.

The prerequisites for a useful existence is to embrace life in as many of its forms as possible. Direct experience, gaining knowledge, acquiring wisdom and adaption to shifting paradigms. To embrace and influence change.

Design is an Odyssey.

Propose ideas that aren’t obvious. Have the audacity to draw inspiration from anywhere.

Function before Form.

Discover the core purpose. What it looks like is secondary to how it performs to solve the challenge at hand.

Embrace Failure.

Failure is the forgotten prerequisite of success. Explore the freedom of a blank canvas and getting lost on the journey to the destination. The practical lessons of failure are more valuable than the illusion of success. Learn quickly.

Upset the Status Quo.

Inspiration comes from the ability to apply principles from different disciplines in situations requiring positive change. By placing the user at the centre of the experience and being empathetic to their needs, we can delight them with solutions that improve workflows, productivity and satisfaction.

Manage Expectations

You can’t polish a dog turd to make it gold. Time, budget and quality are the masters of all projects.

Creative is a Process.

Inspired thinking comes from understanding the current paradigms and shifting them. Understanding requires the process of discovery and thinking. Process yields results and carefully managing your project ensures your ideas come to life through solutions minded design.

Listen Carefully.

Collaboration requires understanding the subtitles that we all bring to the conversation. Feedback is a gift.

Contain your Ego

In the universe of things, we are just space dust cobbled together for this life.

Be Curious

Discover, nurture, grow … repeat.

Ask Stupid Questions.

Fuel ideas from naive meanderings. Everything was new once.

Make the solution Sustainable.

Look at the project beyond the financial value. Is it worthwhile and does it perpetuate improvement. What impact does it have on the physical and mental environment?

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