Leadership Coaching

Catalytic conversations to unlock more successful outcomes.

Courageous Alchemy

Courage is the audacity to do something that is outside of one’s comfort zone. Alchemy transforms base elements  (and ideas) into something more valuable. Those are the two pillars of my Coach Approach. By providing a safe space for inquiry, self-reflection, and discovery, together we can transform paradigms. One where you are absolutely capable of reaching your goals.


Discovering what the intention is. What is it that you want to achieve?


Life is a learning lab. What experiments got us to this point? 


Identifying systems that can be reworked. What can you do?


Directing the newly found confidence into tangible actions.


Continuing to support your mindfulness, intention and self care.

Book a Discovery Session… its FREE.

You read right. Free. “My pappy said there is no such thing as free”. That’s true my friends. But all relationships start off with a conversation and I want to ensure it’s a good fit for our collaboration. Sessions are typically done via the internet and last 45 minutes.

My Motives and Values

NOTE: Copied verbatim from my Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 Questionnaire.

As a person with a Blue-Green MVS, you achieve feelings of self-worth by being genuinely helpful to others while developing self-sufficiency for yourself and others. 

You assess other people’s needs and contribute to their self-reliance. You assist people who are genuinely in need of help and are willing to use the help offered. You move quietly to the aid of others with an efficient plan. You believe in prudent helpfulness and set limits on the assistance you give to others. You value the power of building the capacity of self and others.

You create fair processes that help people become self-reliant. For you, the real measure of success is how helpful you can be without diminishing the independence of those you are helping. You balance principles and feelings, logic and emotion. You want to see your well-planned help bring out the best in others.

You use reason and systems to improve the welfare and independence of others. You alert others to risks they may not have considered. You prefer an open and tolerant environment that respects people’s feelings and is based on fair principles.