Hi there. I'm Tom. Design Thinker, Product Designer, Leadership Coach and Mind Reader*

* I don’t actually read minds, but after 25 years in the design industry, I can tell my Apples from my Quibis.


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Getting to the heart of what the ultimate outcome needs to be by simply asking “why?”


Parameters including time, budget and quality will determine how the story can be told.


Ensuring that our creation is performing in the manner that ensures success.


I had the pleasure of working alongside Tom teaching the UX full-time program at RED Academy together. He is a thoughtful caring human with a big heart and tons of great ideas. Not only does he have a great mind for strategy and design he really cares about the success of the people around him.

I felt lucky and continuously impressed watching him mentor and teach our students. I learned a lot working with him.

One thing that always impressed me with Tom was that his knowledge of the UX process was so deep that he was always able to apply the UX process to real-life and not just design outcomes. He is super talented, incredibly knowledgeable, and would be an amazing mentor, coach, or addition to any team.

Scott Bell

Senior UX/UI Designer

Tom worked with us to design and deliver impact reporting for our Empower Me program. Tom’s creative approach helped us think more strategically about the materials we were developing and allowed us to tell a compelling story in multiple beautiful formats. I’d recommend Tom for any creative and strategic work related to story telling and creative design.

Karim Abraham

CEO, Kambo Energy Group

Joyce Xiao

Tom was an amazing instructor for the UX Design course at Red Academy. As his student, I really enjoyed his teaching style that he asked us thought-provoking questions instead of giving away the answers. Throughout the course, he guided students on their community projects and provided insightful feedback. Outside of class, he’s a great mentor to me and always open to share knowledge and experience that would support students to succeed in the industry. He was engaging, open-minded, articulate, and personable. I appreciate all your support, thank you, Tom!

Joyce Xiao

Master’s Student, Centre for Digital Media