Human. Centered. Design.

I help build resilient processes and systems that empower people and business to thrive.


Graphic | Product | Funsies.
Jack of all trades. Master of some.

Leadership Coach

Buidling sustainable success through “Courageous Alchemy”.


Cultivating relentless curiosity in safe environments where we can fail gracefully.

Tom Chan


With over 25 years in the industry, I have learned to be a highly dexterous creative. I am able to provoke the left brain with new ideas and paradigms and fuel the right brain with creative challenges within project guidelines. I apply a simple mantra to my work: To deliver value throughout the creative process.

With imagination, innovation and vision, I have run small design studios, worked in larger agency environments, invested in start-ups and created long term relationships with clients and their customers. I crave the energy of creative teams and collaborate with them to craft memorable and sustainable stories based on authentic narratives.

I approach problem solving from a place of curiosity, relentlessly testing my own mental model. This ensures that I am able to understanding the challenge; get deep empathy with users; build solutions based on a system; and forsee how that will impact the broader community.

While I may not have the answers, facilitating conversations, presenting ideas to stakeholders, mentoring creatives and coaching new designers, typically leads to better collective outcomes.  

I work with folks just like you.

Small Business Owner

Let me build out your brand, so you can focus on building your business.

Communications Manager

Need to create materials for your next social media or print campaign. How can I help?

UX Director

Do you need customer or competitive research, customer insights, personas, site architecture, wireframes and prototypes?


Have an idea that needs to be validated? Need a MVP built for seed funding?