What Have I Been Up To…

By Tom Chan, June 10, 2020

Parsing, Self Reflection and Finding my Purpose.

The global pandemic has shone a light on the fragility of our infrastructure and made us question pretty much … well everything.

The education of my 2 kids.
I managed to put together the “Homescool” for my 6 and 8 year old. Leveraging all the skills that I have as UX Design Instructor and Creative Director, I created a fun learning environment to ensure that they wouldn’t be idle during the quarantine. I typically started the day with a stretch and then facilitated digestible 40 minute sessions. We each took turns as “instructor” for each session. This gave them agency over their learning, and people thrive in such situations.

Lessons included drawing, reading, math and story telling. Using play and simple game mechanics as a way to keep things light. On the surface, it may appear to just be UNO and Dominoes, it also teaches them logic, organization … and they can bluff.

Talkie Talks and Reconnecting .
The great irony that we have all these media platforms, but we have lost the art of a simple conversation. It’s genuinely been delightful catching up to people near and abroad with chats that have gone for literal hours.

Reworking my Website.
“The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”. As with most creatives, I hadn’t baked in time to work on my own self promotion. The Sabotage Creative site was almost 3 years ago.

My shift to UX design in the last 7 years wasn’t fully captured and I am hoping to showcase more of my Design Thinking Process on this website.

Drawing … Daily
What used to be purely a consumption device, my iPad has become a daily driver as a means to express all the random thoughts that come to mind. during the Quarantine, common themes of isolation, longing, escape and adventure. Check out the Instagram handle @poweredpencil and the #poweredpencil tag.

Meditation and Staying Sane.
Another daily ritual to help calm and focus my mind. The great irony of staying still and quiet, when what we miss is the company of others, nature and activity.

So What now …
Crafting solutions within the blob of ambiguity is something I thrive on. I certainly don’t’t have the answers, but together we can ask more relevant questions to get to something workable and perhaps remarkable.