UX and UI Design

UX + UI Design

By Tom Chan, May 19, 2020

Truth be told, I rejected the “UX/UI” moniker for a while. Creative thinking and problem solving for me extends way back to when I cobbled together lego things from literal dumpster diving. I made stuff that approximated some toy I saw on TV or in a store. Whatever I made, it worked for me with its mismatched colour scheme and incomplete bits.

Fast forward 40 years, and my approach is pretty similar. What (often limited) resources do I have at my disposal and how can I add value every step of the way.

Understanding the interplay between purpose (business/project goals); which informs function (UX); and ultimately presented via a presentation layer (UI) is one of my core strengths.

No amount of data can make certainty. No amount of faith can move mountains. Sometimes it’s a well considered leap with the appropriate parachute.