Sign Of the Times

By Tom Chan, June 1, 2020

What unprecedented times we live in. The sense of urgency to do everything and nothing; to take stock but to put it all in a dumpster; to leave safe harbour not knowing if there will be anything there for our return.

For those in the Design Thinking field, it’s never been more vital to include us in the conversations. It’s not just about building platforms to move merchandise or the next big idea in tech. The Global Pandemic has forced us to reevaluate interactions at the most basic level. Companies, businesses and perhaps even entire industries collapsed within a few months.

Systemic challenges need new perspectives and the conviction to make change for the better. It’s not a simple case of the loudest voices getting heard. More often than not, the best ideas come from places of deep introspection, awareness and empathy.

As we all gingerly get off the mat, stay safe and sane. Better times are ahead. We are all in this together.